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Hotels with rich character and charm


Europäischer Hof Heidelberg

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In the historic quarter of picturesque Heidelberg, southwestern Germany, you will find the fantastic luxury hotel Der Europäische Hof Heidelberg. A private, family-run hotel, now in its 4th generation. General manager Dr. Caroline von Kretschmann, along with her amazing team, welcomes guests in an outstanding environment of traditional glamor and 5-star service according to their main moto - "we love what we do". In addition to attractive rooms and beautiful suites, the hotel provides an excellent spa area, the "Panorama Spa Club" with a roof terrace, as well as the exclusive restaurant "Kurfürstenstube" which was inaugurated in 1866. The renowned family hotel, which recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, is one of only nine outstanding hotels united in a cooperation called the ”Best of Southwest Germany - Private Luxury Hotels in Baden-Württemberg”.


Dorint Maison Messmer

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If you want to visit the well-known spa town of Baden Baden, we can warmly recommend this wonderful luxury hotel. In the central district, at the best address, with stunning views of the countryside and surrounding mountainous areas, the German hotel chain Dorint provides a 5-star stay beyond the ordinary. Here you can pamper yourself at the hotel's 800 sqm "Spa & Wellness" area containing a beauty salon, wellness center, sauna and indoor pool. This legendary corner property located next to the casino, theater and Kurpark, consists of five floors and offers accommodations in eight categories, from standard rooms to the hotel's Penthouse Suite consisting of 237 sqm + 160 sqm private roof terrace.


The hidden treasure


Manoir de Lébioles

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Manoir de Lébioles is one of Belgium's most exclusive resorts. Located in a very private and mysterious environment with stunning views of Belgium countryside, the castle hotel offers its guests from all over the world a memorable stay. The hotel offers 16 individually designed guest rooms and luxurious suites. The spa area, designed according to the four elements - earth, air, fire and water offers a wide range of relaxation treatments. The hotel’s luxurious restaurant has received the recognition and high appreciation of the gastronomic guide Gault et Millau. Here, the chef Laurent Léveillé and his team are creating an unforgettable adventure of taste.

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Atlantic Kempinski Presidential Suite

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View our presentation of “The White Castle”, a legendary building that has welcomed guests sins 1909 and is considered by many to be Germany’s most famous glamor hotel. It is easy to understand why this hotel receives such extensive praise, the service is fantastic and the hotel facilities are extremely well organized.


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Selected reports


Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten

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For those who are visiting Hamburg and want to settle in a place where you could pamper yourself a little more, definitely need to go to the legendary address Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14. This special and tradition-rich hotel will welcome and accommodate you at the highest level.


 The Grand Mark Prague

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Although this hotel is not the biggest in Prague, it is certainly the most charming. Here everyone can feel comfortable and, in addition, the hotel is only steps away from the old town as well as entertainment venues such as theaters, museums and the largest shopping mall Palladium.


 Excelsior Hotel Ernst

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 This beautiful five-story house, built in 1863, is located only a stone's throw away from the majestic, world-famous Cologne Cathedral. It is the hotel Excelsior Hotel Ernst, that is one of Germany’s most noteworthy hotels with a long and interesting history. 


 Hotel Breidenbacher Hof

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 At the very center of Düsseldorf, set right between the exclusive high fashion shop columns in a luxurious hotel lies Hotel Breidenbacher Hof. This five-star hotel offers its guests top-class service and makes them feel incredibly special. 

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Gallery & Video

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Selected Facebook posts - Hotels


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Selected articles

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We offer insight into interesting articles, enriched with high-quality picture material; a modern luxury hotel Hyatt Regency, located in Düsseldorf lively media area, as well as the design hotel Gastwerk that stands out with its industrial-style interior. Find inspiration and new ideas to furnish your greenhouse or winter garden.

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Our favorite

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Our chosen favorite is the Hotel Nassauer Hof. High-quality service, polite and pleasant staff as well as a fantastic hotel concept with easy access to the city's countless entertainment and recreation venues. See more

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Selected Facebook posts - Hotels

An interesting "portrait" of a shop

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We want to highlight the photo session, which we think is exciting. It was a pleasant challenge to reflect Jack & Jones store in pictures in the new shopping center "Mall of Scandinavia". Photos are captured in a pleasantly calm style revealing unique personality and charm, just like the store itself. See more

In the center of events

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Speed fascinates and photograph competitions have always been close to the heart to this fascination. UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship (UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship) pictures offer to enjoy an unforgettable adventure with dizzying speed and a view of the inexhaustible spirit of competition on the water. See more

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My style

© Теxt & Photos by Amazing Magazines goal is to offer a variety of materials that are fun and inspiring. In My Style section, we have included interesting photos combining the style of clothing with a chosen surrounding background, creating a mood. Clothing and accessories that inspire.

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Swedish hotel´s unique buildings

Hotel Marina Tower

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During the visit to Stockholm, especially in the summer, one of the best places to stay would be an old mill building located in the Wharf area Danviken. Here you are offered first-class apartments with easy access to the city center and a unique view of Stockholm.

Hotel Knaust

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Follow the exciting visit to the city of Sundsvall and read about the rich timber magnates of ancient times, who enjoyed the financial flourishing times in the Nordic countries most famous hotel.  This legendary building contains a fascinating history and the country's most popular staircase.

Hotel Mimer

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While entering the parking lot, located in the front of the venerable hotel Mimer, I understand why the building is called a cultural treasure. The grand Gothic-style stone building leave no passersby indifferent.

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Unique new constructions

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NEW CONSTRUCTIONS is a section where you can see newly constructed, modern housing of various construction firms and real estate companies. Unique attic apartments, modified and arranged basements, innovative terrace houses, and much more from which to draw inspiration and new ideas.

Fantastic housing

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HOUSING is a section which includes, in our opinion, the most interesting performed works over the years. Here is a chance to look at fantastic bigger and smaller “houses". Each dwelling has its own personality and feelings that have been taken into account in our work, because our goal is to capture the fascination of a house in pictures and speak through them.

Good pictures

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GALLERY is a section in which you can view a part of the various subjects’ photographs without descriptions. Black and white and color pictures from new and earlier photo sessions.

Published in Amazing Editions

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ARCHIVE is a section in which many older reports from our published magazine are available. Here it is possible to read inspirational hotel and travel destinations articles that are complemented with interesting picture material.


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Cultural treasure

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Just an hours flight from Stockholm and you can be in the capital of Latvia, Riga. This city is a cultural treasure full of interesting buildings and monuments. A country with a severe history that has made the souls of its people strong and the people, despite all, polite and smiling.

Thinking about the environment

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Our environment and nature- this is a theme which nowadays is becoming a topic of increasing popularity. In order to improve the populations quality of life without harming the environment and the climate, construction companies have actively sought new solutions and now offer environmentally friendly housing options. Check the construction company Titania unique offer - greenhouses on roofs of terrace houses located at Täby- Ullna Strand (Stockholm County commune).

"It could be the perfect dwelling"

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Over the years, we have photographed many fine and exquisite homes. Each has its own story and personality that kindly invites and warmly welcomes its guests. We call it "Swedish housing idyll".

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Video & Gallery

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Interesting articles from our archive


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There are so many exciting places in the world, but if the heart craves for sun and water with white beaches, the Maldives is a real paradise. Read our reportage about Soneva Fushi & Six Senses Spa on sunny Kunfanadhoo Island.

Hamann Motorsport

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We want to attract readers with a visit to the talented German car tuning company Hamann Motorsport. The company is strong in its industry and employs the best professionals, who specialize in Italian sports car. The company has further developed and supplemented unique cars that meet the owners countless wishes and requirements around the world.

Winter paradise

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Follow us to the winter paradise Val d'Isere and find out more about the glorious design hotel Hotel Aigle des Neiges. This is a charmingly peculiar and unique hotel with lighting that carries your breath away. Modern interior and lively pastel colors contributes to making this an oasis for those who love the Alps and design.


© Теxt & Photos by Amazing Magazines

In an industrial area, very close to the Dortmund airport, there is one of the most popular companies in the car tuning industry, when it comes to Porsche. The company's strength is car engines and their horsepower. The engine’s roar sounds really strong! This is the reason why we went to look at this impressive handiwork and experience the adrenaline while sitting in the car with 900 horsepower strong motor behind.

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Nostalgia - view our moust magnificent memories in pictures

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We, ChrizPhotography, over the years have photographed diverse materials both for the purpose of our published magazine as well as for the needs of companies and private individuals. We have worked both at home, in Sweden, and abroad. We have also created a rather large picture material for our personal projects as "photo" has always been our passion and thrill. Therefore, we have selected pictures that are precious memories. Motives are temporarily suspended with both digital cameras and traditional roll film camera. Nostalgia makes our hearts beat faster.


The Petronas Towers are one of the sights that should be seen when visiting Kuala Lampur. In the evening hours these ever popular twin towers look incredibly beautiful. Malaysia is a miraculous travel destination with so much to see and so many opportunities to create some wonderful images.


Ferrari Challenge "portrait". Location - Stockholm, Nacka. Time - early morning, when the sun has just appeared on the horizon, casting a special light.


Another unique powerboat, made by Nor-Tech, is the 50-foot long Super Vee "Team Predators' powerboat, which surpassed the Guinness Record. The boat travels the distance from Key West to Cancun, approximately 400 miles, in 8 hours and 23 minutes.



Over the years we've tried many extreme car machines, but when the time came to actually sit behind the wheel of the new Mercedes-Benz S65, it really was a surprise. I recommend trying it! The performance of this comfortable luxury car of such dimensions was truly amazing.


Swedish climate and weather are variables that must be taken into account so that each photo session can be handled appropriately. In this case, when the land is covered with white snow, we photographed the new Saab 9-3 Aero, which was calm like the snow, in cool tones and without strong contrasts forming a successful combination for the picture.


Living in America, especially in Florida, it is absolutely necessary to have a sports boat. Those who meet at the Poker Run event, are united by a special spirit. Until now these big annual events, such as the Poker Run in Miami and Key West Poker Run, have connected the participants from all over the country, and many come from Canada and Europe. We were entrusted to take photos of the Super Vee 50-foot long model of "Eileen's Fifty" with three 1,000-horsepower engines specially ordered by Nor-Tech. We went along on this trip from Miami to Key West.


Hotel Continental, located in Oslo, stands out with a very nice interior and a fantastic cafe "Theatercafeen". Here is where one of the largest private art collections of the artist Edvard Munch is kept. The most remarkable memory was of a pleasant atmosphere and hospitable hotel staff.


When we had to present the two GT-class car Porsche GT3 RS and GT3 Club Sport, we went to the motorway Gelleråsen. Here, without any disturbance, we were able to experiment in order to achieve the desired result.


Fans of the legendary rock band Kiss are all over the world. Before their concert in Stockholm, the famous group held "Pre-Show Party” on the Opera House premises, at the Cafe Opera. A loud party continued until dawn.


To capture an image of the Mitsubishi EVO model topical at that time, we booked a time at Jonkoping (Enköping) Rallycross track.


Sometimes there is a wish to create something unique. Here we tested the photo camera and tried to understand how far to stretch the boundaries. Slightly grainy, but, in our opinion,  there is a full picture of moods.


Nothing can beat the feeling of magic when taking photos of extreme speedboats from the sky. Flying by helicopter and being only partially in it to capture the best moments always creates unforgettable sensations. Picture from the photo session with the company Nor-Tech Boats and produced by it powerboat V4300 Super Vee.


When taking pictures of the new Audi A6 in the Gothenburg archipelago, the sky and waters create an excellent combination, giving the picture depth. This, together with a small dose of daylight facing the camera, gives lively and interesting picture material.


Stockholm has a lot of great places for taking pictures of unique cars. One just has to choose the correct time. Here we chose Katarinavägen street as a location for an ideal shot, a warm summer evening, and the new Corvette C5.


Gold Rush is one of the company’s grandiose Nor-Tech projects. The Powerboat Super Cat 5000 Roadster is equipped with four powerful engines, allowing the boat to reach speeds up to 160 miles per hour. The turquoise blue water lapping the Florida shores highlights the strength and miraculous water spectacle.


In order to complete a successful photo session and be able to communicate a message through the pictures, surroundings and background are very important. When we received the task from a significant motorcycle manufacturing company to put the motocross motorcycles in line and take pictures, it was clear that we had to find a special place to highlight the different "models". The Swedish parliament building created a strong contrast to the motorbikes and resulted in quite interesting pictures.


A small cabriolet Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG had to show all of what it actually is capable of, when we photographed the car for a regular report.


Photographing a charming super yacht is one of the most striking memories, as this type of task does not happen every day. These yachts are unparalleled and it appears that the creation of the interior and the choices of materials were unlimited. On board everything is hand-made according to the customer's wishes and requirements. Here every detail has been paid much attention to. As each yacht delivery is unique, we can not disclose the name of the yacht.


When the new Audi W12 appeared like smoke without fire, we decided to present the vehicle using the smoke. With a help of fire station staff, we have created an exciting photos.



There are actually many good memories in our work, but they are not always associated with the photographing process itself, that is to say, food at the Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch was simply divine and I would recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Frankfurt.


When taking photos of the new Volkswagen Touareg, our keyword was comfort. We wanted to appeal to the younger audiences, so this photo session took place while driving, seeing the driver of the car and part of the car interior.


It is not easy to take pictures of a boat during the winter season, especially if the photo session is taken from a helicopter. However, the cold air has its advantages. Winter creates a uniquely clear light, which in combination with the low position of the sun creates shadows and gives the images a pleasant mood. The photo task, entrusted by the Swedish agency, presented the Norwegian boat manufacturer Skorgenes boats.


A small insight into the pictures gallery. Taking photos of the Mercedes-Benz GLK, we used a number of locations, and wanted to create a diverse picture material.


When Maybach appeared on the Swedish market, we had been entrusted with the task of creating interesting, customer appealing picture material. Our photo session was held in Stockholm's southern district (Söder) and it really attracted many who passed by and wanted to watch the fascinating process.


Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG model and the desire to once again create something unprecedented. After negotiating with the responsible persons of the Arlanda Airport, we got permission to use some of the aircraft and airport Placitas areas for our photo session.


A helicopter pilot really has to be very skilled in order to perform various maneuvers at such low altitudes while constantly keeping in touch with us, and still being able to keep the helicopter in specific desired positions. When taking photographs many parameters must be taken into account, such as altitude, speed and position of the sun relative to the camera, and the target object. Nor-Tech Speedboats model 427 Vee Bottom photographed on Florida's shores.


If one has the desire to find a non-traditional environment for taking a picture, then Vietnam is a real goldmine. There are many things to see and if time permits, it is a great opportunity to "catch" unseen views. This is the corner of the city Nha Trang that decorates this particular photograph.


To find an ideal location or background for images in reality can be a difficult task, which requires a certain combination of fantasy and creativity. At times, this task is even more challenging than the photographing itself. Photo session with the new Porsche Caymann S  that took place in Sweden in Uddevalla, where the port environment and all the other surroundings perfectly corresponded to create these magazine cover pictures.


At the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show many new models were presented. Before the exhibition is available for visitors the most exclusive boat manufacturers hold their private events during which the latest models are showcased for specially invited guests. Hatteras is one of the most popular, exclusive boat manufacturers in America.


Sometimes it is enough to have an interesting wall in the background to create good pictures. Here is a wall with an interesting theme that harmonizes well with delicate Audi S5 Coupé lines.


The legendary 2-stroke engine Suzuki RM 250, the new model was there and those of us writing the reportage about it had the opportunity to photograph this motocross motorcycle in motion. Session location- the construction company’s NCC Ballast sand quarry.


The Key West World Championship Races is a traditional event that is considered to be one of the most prestigious and is internationally known as the "Indianapolis 500 of power racing." This is a real feast for your eyes and ears as powerful speedboats rush along the 6.5-mile long track, capable of reaching speeds up to 140 miles per hour. In addition, the races take place on the high seas where the conditions are not like on a calm lake.